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What makes them winners?


They have positive self expectancy and they know that preparation and self-awareness are the so-called ”luck”.

Here are the main reasons for it:

The desire – they want to win

Self-control – it is up to them to make it happen

Preparation – they are ready and well prepared. They have winning habits.


I am so happy and grateful now that #thesecret published my story.

All you need to decide what you want and BELIEVE IT.

As a growth mindset and vision expert, I am delighted to support you on your way to your success and turn your vision into reality.

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#bloganuary: ”What is something you learned recently?”

Thank you for this great opportunity to improve my blog writings skills #bloganuary.

Daily I am receiving so much feedback about my blogs or webpage design.

Thank you all. I am not a web designer and doing it on my own. I really am appreciating your time to write me.

Now about me:

Currently, I am furthering my education as a Producer and actor at iSFF in Berlin.

My production company: GMN Group

I am looking for min 6 Writers who will be in charge of MOVIE/Series Development.

Since 2009 I am living in Berlin Germany. During this time I acquired these certificates:

Personal Couch

Business Couch

Systemic Couch

Train the Trainer

Project management



Quality management

Business administration

and many more.

But something that I want to add is that I was born and grew up in Bulgaria.

There I studied at the university and become a mechanical engineer. Thank this I could lead two companies there.

I know for sure that I will continue to learn and grow.

I am also happy to hear about your learning path.

Be brave and say Hi to me: Suzan Yumerova



Usually, we need nothing but to know it is a blessing and I am so happy and grateful to share it with you.

I know for sure that I have the ability to tun myself into vibrational alignment with all that I am. And this makes me: Unique.


1) Let go of ONE thing

2) Change ONE thing(habit, thought, place…)

3) Find one thing or someone to keep going

To infinity and beyond 🙂

With all my heart wish you an amazing day #onething#change#letgo#keepgoing#KNOWING#blessing#believing#share#LOVE#fun#JOY#happy#unique#free

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